Dance is a Way Home

Wednesday 17 April 20:00 – 22:00

Evenings of free, unrestrained dance. Dance that stirs the blood, awakens feelings and invites us to live to the fullest. These dance evenings are like traveling through the landscape of your soul, the landscape of your body…

Music is a spice – it always tastes different. Music is the rhythm that carries us. Music is the essence that attracts us dancers to such a journey. In dance, there is a space that brings us sense of security and acceptance. Here you can be free with everything that comes to life right now, what you brought or what you are looking for.

Dance is a journey home, to oneself, to the body… A dynamic and a calm journey, in full attention within oneself and in contact with others. A place where you can fully dance to yourself. Where you can know yourself in the wildness and rest.

who and when

10 January Zdeněk Vencl
17 January Terezie Palková
24 January Terezie Palková
31 January Kateřina Lalo, more here
7 February Kubrak
14 February Terezie Palková
21 February Zdeněk Vencl
28 February Zdeněk Vencl
6 March Terezie Palková
13 March Terezie Palková
20 March Kubrak
27 March Terezie Palková
3 April Zdeněk Vencl
10 April Zdeněk Vencl
17 April Terezie Palková
24 April Terezie Palková
1 May Zdeněk Vencl
8 May Terezie Palková
15 May Zdeněk Vencl
22 May Terezie Palková
29 May Zdeněk Vencl
5 June Terezie Palková
12 June Terezie Palková
19 June Kubrak
26 June Terezie Palková

Zdeněk Vencl

He brings the music of your heart and opens the gate to a full colorful dance experience. For him, dance is a connection with the present moment, a wild and tender play of the elements. For him, dance is fleeting and deep encounters, harmony and connection. A quiet well and a thundering river of hot lava. Dance is the voice of his heart.

He loves dancing in all its forms. His dance is a dynamic balance between the structure of a project manager and the flow of a contact improvisation dancer. Knowing what dance means to him, he makes his daily steps, embarks on dance trips and creates great projects and festivals.

Terezie Palková

Terezie is a musician, actress and dancer who explores the connection between the body and inner experience. She explores how physical movement and our intense experiencing create dance. She teaches how to realize and capture bodily stimuli and how to let them lead into movement. She simply gives you a natural and spontaneous way to discover your inner world and express feelings and state of mind through dance.

Relaxed body and light mind – at that moment, our souls can begin to speak in dance. All the feelings and emotions that we so often hold in ourselves will become the most fertile ground for dancing. We will revitalize the body in spontaneous dance with gentle and inspiring guidance: where to go in the dance, what qualities to bring into it, what parts of the body to turn your attention to. Then comes the dance-music bath in which, according to your own needs, you can continue to dance freely, listen, relax, but also sound or sing.


Dance has become part of his journey. He has been dancing consciously for ten years, has danced for thousands of hours and has been guiding other dancers for several years. Before, he was not much inclined to dance, but when he heard the music and closed his eyes, he saw dance. He saw the figures in the whirl of the dance. And he felt sorry that he couldn’t do it. He suffered through the dancing, didn’t go to the discos, and left the salsa lessons after three lessons in dismay. One day he realized that all his life he had seen his body as a prison. Something restrictive, slow and clumsy, because without a body everything was more nimble… That was the first time he accepted this game of limitation of a body. And he decided that when he had this body and it was what it was, he would explore its possibilities.

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