Divine Feminine

Transformation and Healing through the Hindu Goddesses

17 – 19 May 2024

Introductory workshop to the nine-month training Awakened Feminine.

The Divine Feminine seminar is a space for women to come together and enter the magic, beauty and power of our Goddess’ energies. This is a space to share and receive, to connect your essential feminine qualities and to open up for new energies and possibilities.

When we come together we gather power to invoke the presence and the support of the Divine Feminine. We create a protective, open and powerful energy field that helps bringing out and balancing different aspects of our live energy – our natural capacities and gifts as well as the challenging and unknown places.

The Indian goddesses represent aspects of our life-energy that are at play in every one of us. When we open up for these energies they bring more clarity and aliveness to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, bringing us in touch with our divine qualities and shifting the way we see the ourselves and the world.

We will explore ways we can contact the Goddesses energy. Calling her from inside yourself through sounds and the vibration of her specific mantras. Letting her enter your body through breath, movements, dance and singing. Bring her into life through myths, stories, and the different ways we can experience her in nature and culture. Work with intention and visualization as ways to tap into the creative energy of imagination. Enter the divine space of devotional feelings through prayer and calling her for protection and guidance. Contemplate her as a personal deity, as a helper, a guide, and a teacher, as a giver of boons, and as a powerful force that dissolves old ideas and reveals new aspects of your Self.

We all have more than one goddess’ energy flowing through our personalities. Some we are clearly born with, and others arise through the different conditions of our lives. Some we are drawn to and others scare us. Many times the different expressions of the feminine bring us contradictory feelings. As we learn to recognize these energies, they start manifesting in our lives in a flowing way, and contradictions turn into richness and powerful resources.

The practices with the Goddesses energies support you to:

Learn to recognize when a particular Goddess feels alive and resonant in you, and find ways to welcome and embody her energy.

Use the energies that are already awakened in you to support the places that are still asleep. Which Goddess is calling for more aliveness and flow in your life.

Embody the different personalities, emotional tone and unique ways of the different Goddesses – power, generosity, lovingness, strength, devotion, compassion, intelligence, creativity, sensuality, motherly, erotic, playfulness, transcendence, etc.

Realize that different moments and phases of life may be connected with different goddesses or energies, bringing clarity to strong changes and movements in life that may feel contradictory and conflicting.

Work with the psychological manifestation of your inner Goddesses: The clear integrated aspects and the shadow aspects. When she appears liberating and expansive and when she shows up entrapping and confusing.

Experience the Goddess as pure life energy moving through the body and as the manifesting substance of consciousness – as the power behind our breath, our heartbeat, the energy that fires our muscles, and the impulse behind our thoughts.

The Goddesses we may encounter at THE SACRED FEMININE gathering:

DURGA – Warrior Goddess of Protection and Inner Strength

LAKSHMI – Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune

KALI – Goddess of Revolution

PARVATI – Goddess of the Sacred Marriage

SARASWATI – Goddess Who Flows as Language, Insight, and Sound

SITA – Goddess of Devotion and Mystical Submission

DHUMAVATI – Crone Goddess of Disappointment and Letting Go

RADHA – Goddess of Romantic Longing

CHINNAMASTA – Goddess of Radical Self-Transcendence

LALITA TRIPURA SUNDARI – Goddess of Erotic Spirituality

BHUVANESHWARI – Goddess of Infinite Space, She Whose Body Is the World

When a woman tunes in with her Goddesses, she start embracing aspects of her own life-energy that she may have never understood or owned. These are energies that are constantly available and talking to us, and all we have to do is to pay attention and listen closely.

This introductory seminar is a gateway to training, but does not oblige you to participate in the entire training.

Komala de Amorim (Brazil)

I am born in Brazil, where I graduated in Art Education and start exploring the voice and spontaneous singing as ways to make contact with my inner self. In my early twenties I moved to India and lived for many years at the Osho meditation Resort, where I learned, experienced and taught a variety of transpersonal and meditative therapies, self-development techniques and body-work.

Many years of meditation practice, self-enquiry and singing skills, combined with exploration of spiritual traditions as Zen, Sufism and Tantra, and various western therapeutic methods are the base of my work. I am trained in: Craniosacral Biodynamic; Primal Therapy and Sexual-de-conditioning, Essence Work and Chakra Balancing, Hara Awareness Massage, Voicing, Awareness Intensive, Satori, Die Before you Die.

My own inner process and the learning of different techniques made me understand that all the methods brings me to myself, when the longing is deep and the search is sincere. This passion I have been sharing through courses and trainings around the world, and those meetings have been a very precious teaching. When human beings come together, with the intention to expand their life and discover their inner reality, magic happens and everyone that is part of it grows.

The workshop is intensive (Friday 14:30 – 19:30, Saturday 9.30 – 19:00, Sunday 9.30 – 18:00) and is open to anyone regardless of age and previous experience. For the enquiry about the possibility of sleepover reach us at druna@druna.cz.

Price 285 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 90 EUR must be paid in advance.

Price 240 EUR if the deposit is paid before 2 May.

This workshop is an introduction to the nine-month training Awakened Feminine.

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