Opening the Wings of Voice

23 – 25 February 2024

To open wings of your voice doesn’t mean learning to sing. The point is to save our inherent ability to sing spontaneously, to express with singing what we experience inside and to reveal our soul. Such a way of singing is a creative process, a healing tool, a spiritual experience and the power to express oneself. It calls us to remain fully in the present moment and to sing through what is taking place inside. We create our own songs spontaneously, from moment to moment, to create a completely new, spontaneous language that can translate our inner experiences into sound vibrations immediately and directly.

We are beings eager to manifest. We have come to this world to contribute to it with something unique, something that comes from our inner world and our essence. It is our birthright to sing. However, many of us were hurtfully silenced in our natural gift of expressing with voice. And so we held everything we felt inside, or learned to express it in a distorted and confused way. The body got used to holding the tension and hold back the flow of voice to keep inside and in safety what it couldn’t say. Now, as we listen to what is happening within us and give that our permission to manifest outwardly, our innate abilities begin to awaken. We connect with the vast diversity of sounds, inspiration and creative possibilities that lie within us.

With the help of certain breathing and movement techniques, we learn to create room in our body for the vast array of sounds that cry inside to be expressed. Their liberation in the vibration of the voice acts as a balm, as an internal message to our tissues, muscles, joints and cells. The voice opens the body and as an effect more energy can flow through it.

We will follow the map of the body to explore the different sound qualities and frequency ranges associated with different parts of it. The journey leads from the lowest sounds associated with physical strength and vitality in the first chakra, emotional expression and sensuality in the belly, to power and joy in the plexus solar, to the gentle sounds of love and openness in the heart, to the creative space of our throat, to high frequencies of the consciousness in the sixth chakra, up to the highest and silent vibration of the seventh chakra. This exploration will bring new dimensions and qualities to our singing as well as speaking voice.

The ability to listen is as important on this path as the ability to express oneself. As we listen to the sound vibrations of our voice as it spreads through our body, we begin to better differentiate which areas of body and mind are open and which are contracting, reacting, refusing or holding back life energy. We will discover how profound the connection with one’s body, breath and the endless range of vibrations of the inner world can be.

Welcome to this deep and playful journey into the inside of yourself! If you have a voice and desire to explore it, this method opens up a whole new world to you.

About the Open Voice Training

Open Voice is a two-year professional training of working with voice. A method that brings expansion of the voice while expanding the capacity of the human being. It develops the full range of voice shapes that a human being is capable of, and along with it awakens, energizes and refines the physical, emotional and mental areas in which the voice originates. It is a work that affects all layers of the voice, including its regions which are yet unknown.

This introductory seminar is a gateway to the next round of the training, but does not oblige you to participate in the entire training.

Komala de Amorim (Brazil)

I am born in Brazil, where I graduated in Art Education and start exploring the voice and spontaneous singing as ways to make contact with my inner self. In my early twenties I moved to India and lived for many years at the Osho meditation Resort, where I learned, experienced and taught a variety of transpersonal and meditative therapies, self-development techniques and body-work.

Many years of meditation practice, self-enquiry and singing skills, combined with exploration of spiritual traditions as Zen, Sufism and Tantra, and various western therapeutic methods are the base of my work. I am trained in: Craniosacral Biodynamic; Primal Therapy and Sexual-de-conditioning, Essence Work and Chakra Balancing, Hara Awareness Massage, Voicing, Awareness Intensive, Satori, Die Before you Die.

My own inner process and the learning of different techniques made me understand that all the methods brings me to myself, when the longing is deep and the search is sincere. This passion I have been sharing through courses and trainings around the world, and those meetings have been a very precious teaching. When human beings come together, with the intention to expand their life and discover their inner reality, magic happens and everyone that is part of it grows.

The workshop is intensive (Friday 16:00 – 19:30, Saturday 9:30 – 19:30 and Sunday 9:30 – 18:00) and is open to anyone regardless of age and previous experience. For the enquiry about the possibility of sleepover reach us at

Price 300 EUR. To reserve a place the deposit of 80 EUR must be paid in advance.

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