The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine

In this module we move into the dynamic interplay of feminine and masculine energies in ourselves and in life. We invite the masculine principle to be present in us and with us, to support us bringing awareness to the way it is alive or sleeping inside of us and the way it manifests in the world, in our actions, in our relationship with man.

Rooted in the feminine power and the compassionate heart we explore our connection with our fathers and male ancestors. We look at the patterns and conditionings that we may still carry from our primary relationship with the masculine – how those experiences shaped our beliefs and behaviors around men and intimate relationships, how it influences the way we relate to our body and our sexual energy, and the way we manifest our gifts in the world. We work with our capacity to set healthy boundaries, from where we can open our hearts and our bodies for a new and creative connection with men and the masculine energy, inside and outside ourselves. We learn to relate to the masculine as the infinite space of presence and as the support into which we can lean, relax, expand and enjoy life.

GODDESSES: Durga – Parvati – Sita