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contact improvisation, dance, movement, experience, voice and meditation


Craniosacral Biodynamics

Zita Pavlištová (723 253 757)

Gentle work in deep resting states, which you enter lying down, relaxed with the assistance of the therapist. This process influences you on all levels, it affects the whole system of your body, where everything is interconnected. The therapist cooperates with natural intelligence of your body and activates self-healing forces in the body. Using a special kind of touch, which is not going to change anything, she perceives by her hands gentle continuous rhythms of tide, very slowly moving the tissues, liquids and pervading the surroundings of the body. These are the forces of health in action, which reorganize your body into the natural ballance.

Balancing (Bodywork and Massage)

Zita Pavlištová (723 253 757)

Bodywork that restores dynamic balance of the movement apparatus. The quality of touch, pulling, pushing directly influences the movement structures: tendons, muscles, bones and fascia. It brings them back the lost flexibility, it gives the body an opportunity to get back to the original neutral positions and move in a natural range. Manipulation softens stiff places and sets them in motion, it extends the space in the joints, stimulates or on the contrary releases the tension in different parts of the body, regulates tonus. It helps get rid of excessive tension, dissolve blockages and it brings relief from pain.

Dynamic Balancing (Bringing Movement into the Body)

Zita Pavlištová (723 253 757)

The method encourages and develops the basic attribute of the body – to balance itself by movement. It opens, connects and activates your body. The work takes place during the movement. The therapist arouses the movement in your body and maintains it throughout the work. For the client, it means maximum relaxation, minimum effort and activation of the subtlest motoric reactions. Even the experience of the automatic body balancing itself is a brand new feeling, unrestrained, liberating. We are looking for the dynamic balance of all the mutually moving tissues, we are looking for the healthy body stance that is constantly changing. We utilize and renew the body’s ability to keep balance by the change of position and movement rather than by consolidation, stopping and increasing the tension.

Movement and the Invisible Body

Zita Pavlištová (723 253 757)

Individual movement lessons with diverse focus according to your personal needs. In the lessons we generally improve quality, coordination and lightness of our movement, we develop the whole range of movement skills, as well as our imagination and the body image in our mind. Body and mind must be in a close cooperation. We work on the harmony of our body image with motion. We consciously form the inner body image that is in accord with the deeper theoretical knowledge about anatomy and function of the body in motion. This expands the scale of our possibilities without encountering the barriers of our defense reactions and inertias.

Thematic spheres: – paths of the healthy movement and better coordination, – effective movement, – dance and dance technique (the form follows the intention) – contact improvisation, – invisible body and how our movement and stance impress

Resonance in Touch

Zita Pavlištová (723 253 757)

Experience yourself, your body. Give in to the touch and observe what it elicits. Feel, deepen the perception and open up all the senses. An opportunity to develop your potential, master the art of touching and responding to touch. Relax and open in touch, be spontaneous and at the same time remain fully aware. Learn to trust your feelings, learn to distinguish and read what is communicated through the touch. And besides it is also a possibility to relax, find inspiration, explore unknown paths and get carried away.