Payment and cancellation conditions

Payment and cancellation conditions for participants of the events organized by Druna, valid from 1. 1. 2017.


In order to book a spot at a particular event, one must always pay a booking deposit in advance.
For a particular event to actually take place, it is necessary to reach a minimum number of booked participants well in advance.
Capacity of the courses is limited; after this capacity is exceeded, your money will be refunded.

Method of payment

Deposit must be paid in advance to reserve your place.
Full payment must be paid before the event starts and it is required for you to participate in the event.
Payment can be made in the following ways:

- in cash at the reception

- by transferring the money to an account

Single entries for the evenings or regular lessons are paid directly to the lecturer.
Subscriptions and workshops are paid at the reception.
All the payment information will be sent by email, or you can find it in the information about given event.

Cancellation of participation before the event
The deposit you’re paying for place reservation is non-refundable and acts as a pledge to come to the event.

When a participant is cancelling participation at an event a cancellation fee is being applied. The amount is the same as the amount of the deposit paid. The deposit paid is never refunded no matter the reasons for the cancellation. The cancellation fee also applies to situations such as the participan getting sick.

Cancellation of the participation during the event

When the participation is interrupted during the event on the part of the participant, the payment is not refunded.

Cancellation of the course

In case of the cancellation on the part of Druna, the participant is entitled to recover all the payment, or the amount corresponding to the extent of cancellation.

Validity of the subscription and pass

Subscriptions to regular courses and pass for 10 entries are valid for a particular person, they cannot be used by anyone else.
Validity (time limit) of the subscription or pass cannot be extended. After expiration of the period for which they are issued, they cannot be used and the unused rest cannot be refunded.

Unless specified otherwise, the following payment and cancellation conditions are valid for all the events organized by Druna.

Storing of provided personal information and its usage

Provided personal information such as name, e-mail address and phone number are being stored in a way preventing their misuse. They are being stored for an indefinite period and are used mainly to enable us to offer the option to sign up for an event, pass information about the event the subject of information has sign up for and to provide information about planned events. It is possible to unsubscribe from getting the information of planned events any time.