druna - tableland
contact improvisation, dance, movement, experience, voice and meditation


Dance of the Condor and the Eagle

Michaela Petersen

Monday 26 August 17:30 - 21:30

This evening of cheerful flight with sacred birds of prey will be full of dance and rituals with all that is symbolized by the Eagle and the Condor. We will interconnect with the elements of nature, we will harmonize our right and left hemisphere and we will penetrate the beautiful substance of the Eagle and the Condor, whose dance provides powerful healing experience. We will also learn the ancient art of the Insight which uncovers what has always been inherent to us and what we could pursue, and it helps us find the way to make our inner potential fully thrive. With ease and power of these sacred birds‘ aerial dance we will dance through to playful joy of flight, harmony and power inside of us. Permit yourself to fly upwards and be yourself, let your body and your soul express themselves with movement, experience your dance as a creative process with its full depth.

Open lesson of Training for Life - Roots and Instincts

Komala de Amorim and Gregor Khushru Steinmaurer

Wednesday 28 August 19:00 - 22:00

Come and join us at the three-hour seminar, full of exploration of the substance of the first chakra, which is the base and the beginning of our human consciousness. The First Chakra is related to our ancestors and the ground that supports and nourishes us. It is associated with our physical body and its basic needs, with our instincts, and our relationship with the material world and the element earth. In this event we will connect with our body, our roots and our instincts as ways to open to our natural vitality, physical strength and sense of grounding.

Immersion in Ecstasy

Kirsty Yogini (England) and Atmo Chaitanya (Latvia)

Thursday 29 August 19:00 - 22:00

Synergy of Tantra-Yoga and Ecstatic Dance. Ecstatic joy is our pure substance. We are born with it. It is what we really are. Join us this evening to unite our bodies and hearts with our wild energy. Tantra-Yoga prepares the body, relaxes the tensions which block the flow of pleasure. In synergy, the following Ecstatic Dance can become an entrancing experience. Pleasure is our human nature, it is already there waiting to be felt, to be relaxed into. Tantra-Yoga will tune us into the many frequencies of pleasure, such as the sweetness of the breath, the beating of the heart, the flows, currents and vibrations of the body, relaxing and enhanced sensitivity.


Kateřina Stejskalová

Tuesday 27 August 19:30 – 22:00

INdeepenDance is a dance practice which awakens and integrates the body, heart and soul and consciously connects us with our inner dancer – the intelligence which moves us withous us controlling it with our rational mind, the intelligence that enables our organs to function without us thinking about it. INdeepenDance provides us with means to step by step fully give in to this force and therefore release a unique creative ecstatic potential, which is in all of us no matter the age, physical abilities and shapes, and to experience the joy of our own dance.

Kiva Vibe

Dubravka Radonjic

Thursday 29 August 20:00 - 22:00

Infinite 5D Dance Series A place for the development of abstract body language and imagination stimulation. A place where the diversity of our mind is embodied in our movement, and our movement raises the vibration of the mind and the whole being. A place where we can create, play and feel, watch our nonlinear tendencies, ride the emotional waves, and then leave them. The place where the essence of our six senses is distilled. The six senses which develop through the untamed dance.

Jam of Contact Improvisation

Zita Pavlištová

Friday 23 August 20:00 - 22:00

Jam session of contact improvisation. Group jam session of dance and music. Dance, music or just being present. Living through stories and ambient mood.