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The Original Matrix and the Embodiment of Form

Roger Gilchrist (USA)

27th - 30th of October 2016

This postgraduate course of biodynamic craniosacral therapy we organize in collaboration with the Wellness Institute (New York) and after its graduation you receive a certificate. This seminar is 5th part of a three-year professional training in NeuroEnergetic therapy. This seminar examines the organizing forces in the biofield from the level of consciousness, to energy dynamics, to physical forms and conditions. We will also explore the relationships among emotions, energy, and healing. When we specifically understand the energy dynamics of embodiment, the relationships of consciousness, emotions, and physical experience becomes very practical. We will start to assemble all the components of our study of NeuroEnergetic Therapy into a broad-based holistic clinical practice, leading to even more effective results with our clients.

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Contact Improvisation - From the Ground Up

Joe Stoller

31 of October - 4th of November

Building Contact Improvisation from the somatic base of the Feldenkrais Method. Our first partner in Contact Improvisation is the earth. Our dynamic and gentle relationship with the gravity and support of the earth is what makes possible a dynamic and comfortable dance with another. Gravity and support, falling and flying, structure and movement are like two sides of the same coin. Using the Feldenkrais Method this workshop will build our somatic awareness of how we can move easily with the earth and how to share this ease and support with other people in Contact Improvisation.

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Feldenkrais Method - fusion of action and perception

Joe Stoller

5th - 6th of November 2016

Transforming our habits at the confluence of action and perception. The Feldenkrais Method is a practical, student-centered learning method for awakening our awareness of how we act and perceive. It uses a sequence of movements to study and to reduce of limiting movement habits that we are acquiring throughout life due to various injuries and other factors. In this workshop we will be led through sequences of movement explorations which reveal how we imagine, initiate, and coordinate our selves. By lovingly uncovering our hidden habits within a field of options, we are able to realize greater freedom and to live in greater harmony with our environment. While the implications of this work is lofty, the practice is very grounded.

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Contact Teachers Residency

7th - 11th of November 2016

A meeting of contact improvisation teachers from different countries, whose intention is to pass on their experience, discover new principles together and above all dance as much as possible and inspire each other. Take time to get to know each other personally and find new ways of cooperation. It is a movement laboratory which is intended for those teachers who want to develop their skills further as well as get their specific qualities straight, in the circle of other experience dancers. There will be an opportunity to jam juicily, see each other and give each other feedback about what interests me in your dance and what I want to learn from you.

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Long Jam of Contact Improvisation - Prague

11th - 13th of November 2016

Jams of contact improvisation in Prague are delicate tuning gaining speed and potential, opening physical game into breath-taking forms.
On exceptional place… while metamorphosis of sky and sequences of lights… bodies, minds, inner spaces are tuning on each other… looking for mutual relation and purpose of the moment. Physical encounter in movement, flying, stillness… in a story. Gaining support in courage, enjoyment, sensitivity, openness… ability listening to yourself, to the other.
We who belonged here, are warmly expecting all of you who are coming from faraway. We are looking forward to experiencing all new that you bring to our common space. To share here the mixture of all different experiences coming from many far places.

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Die Before You Die

Komala (Brazil)

Death is an organic, integral part of life. Because of fear, we create a division between life and death. We cling to the past, our beliefs and memories, and to the future, the desires and dreams, and we experience life only mentally, losing the true reality of what we are. To die and to be born is a Sufi paradox, the understanding that death and life happens each moment. The death of what we believe we are, in its different manifestations is necessary for recognizing our true nature, so that we can be totally alive.

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Primal Feelings - Healing Our Inner Child

Komala (Brazil)

2nd – 4th of December 2016

Most of the difficulties we find, as adults in relating to people, to life and to ourselves has its origin in the first seven years of our lives. When, at those early ages, we didn’t receive the love, care and touch that is every child’s primary need, and many times instead we have been punished, not accepted and/or neglected, we create protective layers in order not to feel the hurt. Those layers – that manifests in our physical, energetic and mental bodies – cover our essential qualities and the true potential we are all born with.

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Animal Instinct

Matan Lewkowich (Israel/Austria)

6th – 8th of January 2017

Animal instinct is an ongoing movement research. The hardcore of this practice is to gain freedom in motion. By moving away from any ideology, style or form, we can reexamine our physical abilities with fresh eyes. The work refers to information from various movement disciplines (contact improvisation, martial arts, somatic practices & contemporary dance) and offers a wide spectrum of tools to study our body, to understand movement and communicate physically.

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The Spiritual Aspect of Healing Process

Mike Boxhall (Great Britain)

19th - 22nd of January 2017

A posgraduate course primarily intended for professional therapists (craniosacral therapists, ostheopaths, physiotherapists, psychotherapists) as a praxis that opens a gate to different dimensions of treatment. The teaching continues where the concept of therapy and the knowledge of reached its limits. We will employ the way of work on a table inherent to craniosacral biodynamic therapy enriched with other levels of perception and the feedback. The intention of this course is to research on the spiritual aspects of therapy that are natural part of our embodied being. More than a lesson, it is thus a form of a collective praxis. A praxis, that leads to expanded consciousness and restores the connection with one’s essential qualities.

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Training for Life V. - Throat Chakra

Komala (Brazil) and Khushru (Austria)

20th - 25th of January 2017

Intense process of exploration and self-discovery on the levels of human consciousness through the seven energy centers. The aim of this work is to open our full potential as a human being, to reconnect our essential nature and to apply our inner discoveries in life. With the completion of the whole training, you will have acquired skills for working with people.
Throat chakra – communication and creativity, expression, resonance, harmony, vibration.

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Axis Syllabus

Frey Faust (USA)

29th April - 1st May 2017

The three days dance workshop with Frey Faust to enhance our health, strength and expressive power. Axis Syllabus – Frey’s artistic and pedagogical vision has spread around the world and today he cooperates with artists, schools, dance teachers, therapists … This method applies the newest available knowledge about the posture, intention and function of body in movement, about the mutual relationships that influence the movement. It teaches how to use our body naturally, effectively and healthily. This workshop is aimed for the professional dancers, teachers, dance students, but also for anyone who is actively interested in motion of the body and in perfect utilization of its properties.

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