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contact improvisation, dance, movement, experience, voice and meditation


Inspiration is a wild cat

Zita Pavlištová and Michal Turek

28th July - 4th August 2017

Preparation of the body and mind for unrestrained improvisation. Summer movement, musical and voice creative workshop. One of the intensive artistic meetings in the countryside of Eagle mountains will be focused on harmony and jamming. We will refine the sensitivity of the body and all our senses. There will be daily trainings of dance and contact improvisation, musical and voice practice and art of synergy. We will develop physical skills and seek the state of open mind which infallibly leads our action, brings inspiration, allows to experience.

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Confluences and Consonance

Antonia Nyass and Zita Pavlištová

5th – 13th of August 2017

Summer intensive of dance, contact improvisation and voice creation. One week in the submontane countryside, senses awakened, breathing accelerated and eyes shining. Deep connection with the body and distinctive approach to it, discovering unusual links with movement and voice, anatomical relationships which reveal our hidden potential stored in the body. Concentrated gentle work as well as intense movement and singing practice is suitable for those who want to develop their skills further and broaden the scale of possibilities in voice or dance creation, but also for those who want to refine their perception, find a new quality and extend the capacity.

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Live concert: Mezcal and Luiz Marquez

Thursday 17th August 19:00 - 21:30

Dance concert on waves of ethno-jazz of the Mezcal band – three outstanding musicians from Mexico and Belgium. Mezcal is a musical movement inspired by the force of nature through Ethno Jazz. It adds a new sound to the repertory of “world music”. Its sound is a fusion of ethnical roots (Prehispanic Mesoamerican and Latin American) with Jazz. Their music highlights the magic of tradition interfinger with Blues and the relation of nature with man. They combine saxophone, pre-Columbian instruments, and percussion with other instruments such as guitar and bass guitar, to cast a spell of ritualistic intensity.

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Awakened Feminine

Komala (Brazil)

16th - 18th June 2017

A eight-month process of profound transformation of female sexuality and opening up to love and trust. In this training we invoke the power of the feminine energy through the Tantric Goddesses, channeling the love and wisdom of the “Big Mother” to guide us through the rich, powerful and challenging universe of our sexual energy. We connect with our sexual energy as the natural and instinctual force that connects and creates, and from there we open our hearts for all the pain, the joy and the longing that we carry in our body and mind. Opening for healing and for deeper intimacy with ourselves, with life and with the principle of creation.

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About Flying - Contact Improvisation

Adrian Russi (Switzerland)

30th August - 3rd September 2017

Myths, images and of course lots of dance practice: a workshop in Contact Improvisation with Adrian Russi. What are the images and phantasies that I carry in my mind about flying? What is needed as preparation for the flight and what will happen afterwards? How is all this working in a bird’s body? And how do I experience the moments of flight in my own dance? In this workshop we will explore how to use gravity, momentum and stable bodies in motion in order to reach lightness in flight. We will work with timing, body-communication and weight, your own as well as your partner’s – and we will experience that weight is first of all neutral. If it feels heavy or light depends on our inner attitude and on body intelligence – things that we can train and influence quite directly!

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Trager® approach - professional training

Martin Heigl (Germany)

9th - 10th of September 2017

Výcvik metody Trager

An introductory workshop for two-year professional training. By graduating in this training you will get an internationally valid certificate. You can become the first practitioners of Trager® approach in the Czech republic, because here the training will be open for first time. This introductory workshop will acquaint you with Trager® approach – integration of mind and body with two aspects of the work: “tablework”, when the client is passive, and “mentastics”, when the client is working actively. An Introductory workshop guides the participants into the uplifting experience of the Trager principles. What if this were true: The less you do, the more effective your work becomes!

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Die Before You Die

Komala (Brazil)

6th - 8th of October 2017

Death is an organic, integral part of life. Because of fear, we create a division between life and death. We cling to the past, our beliefs and memories, and to the future, the desires and dreams, and we experience life only mentally, losing the true reality of what we are. To die and to be born is a Sufi paradox, the understanding that death and life happens each moment. The death of what we believe we are, in its different manifestations is necessary for recognizing our true nature, so that we can be totally alive.

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Professional training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin a Kavi Alessandro Gemin

25th November – 1st December 2017

Three-year professional training, organized in cooperation with International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing (ICSB). By graduating in this training you will get an internationally valid certificate as BCST, Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner.
The introductory seminar introduces the biodynamic craniosacral therapy, foundations of the work and a team of lectors and assistants. This workshop is an integral part of three-year study, but it doesn’t bind you to participate in the whole training. It’s designed so that the participants can decide afterwards whether they are interested in the training or not. The workshop also involves first practical exercises. We will specify here the programme of the training, requirements for participation, conditions for obtaining the certificate and for the entry into the international database.

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Long Jam of Contact Improvisation - Prague

27th - 29th of October 2017

Jams of contact improvisation in Prague are delicate tuning gaining speed and potential, opening physical game into breath-taking forms.
On exceptional place… while metamorphosis of sky and sequences of lights… bodies, minds, inner spaces are tuning on each other… looking for mutual relation and purpose of the moment. Physical encounter in movement, flying, stillness… in a story. Gaining support in courage, enjoyment, sensitivity, openness… ability listening to yourself, to the other.
We who belonged here, are warmly expecting all of you who are coming from faraway. We are looking forward to experiencing all new that you bring to our common space. To share here the mixture of all different experiences coming from many far places.

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The Spiritual Aspect of Healing Process

Mike Boxhall (Great Britain)

11th - 14nd of January 2018

A posgraduate course primarily intended for professional therapists (craniosacral therapists, ostheopaths, physiotherapists, psychotherapists) as a praxis that opens a gate to different dimensions of treatment. The teaching continues where the concept of therapy and the knowledge of reached its limits. We will employ the way of work on a table inherent to craniosacral biodynamic therapy enriched with other levels of perception and the feedback. The intention of this course is to research on the spiritual aspects of therapy that are natural part of our embodied being. More than a lesson, it is thus a form of a collective praxis. A praxis, that leads to expanded consciousness and restores the connection with one’s essential qualities.

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Training for Life I - Base Chakra

Komala (Brazil) and Khushru (Austria)

2nd - 7th of February 2018

Intense process of exploration and self-discovery on the levels of human consciousness through the seven energy centers. The aim of this work is to open our full potential as a human being, to reconnect our essential nature and to apply our inner discoveries in life. With the completion of the whole training, you will have acquired skills for working with people.
Base chakra – nourishing the roots, survival instincts, grounding and life force, basic fears.

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