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contact improvisation, dance, movement, experience, voice and meditation


Opening your Voice

Komala (Brazil)

2nd - 6th July 2016

The voice is one of the most important instruments for human expression. The singing voice is spontaneous, not logical, primal, and is a very direct vehicle to express our inner reality. Voice is a journey through our human potential, by connecting and expressing the wide and rich range of sounds we have within. This exploration goes from the lowest sound of physical strenght of first chakra, to the vitality and playfulness in the belly, to the power and presence of solar plexus, to the gentle sounds of love in the heart, to the creative space of the throat, to the high frequency of the 6th chakra, up to the highest and silent vibration of the seventh chakra. Discovering and exploring the sounds coming from the different energy centers in the body we reconnect and express our physical, emotional and mental states, bringing clarity, joy and silence to our being.

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Axis Syllabus

Frey Faust (USA)

9th - 10th of July 2016

The two days dance workshop with Frey Faust to enhance our health, strength and expressive power. Axis Syllabus – Frey’s artistic and pedagogical vision has spread around the world and today he cooperates with artists, schools, dance teachers, therapists … This method applies the newest available knowledge about the posture, intention and function of body in movement, about the mutual relationships that influence the movement. It teaches how to use our body naturally, effectively and healthily. This workshop is aimed for the professional dancers, teachers, dance students, but also for anyone who is actively interested in motion of the body and in perfect utilization of its properties.

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Permeable bodies – pulse of metamorphosis

Paula Holska (Poland) and Zita Pavlištová (Czech republic)

11th – 18th of July 2016

Intensive week­long artistic workshop for body and voice in the countryside of Orlické hory. We will touch the potential of the mind, body and voice to achieve radical changeability of their qualities. To get outside of the logics and limitations… in movement, dance, contact improvisation and voice expression. The permeable body opens an ability of an absolute transformation, which demands experience, physical and mental training, concentration and openness ­ to let the new qualities flow in, express and integrate. We become vulnerable to let the instant impulse permeate through and transcend us.

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Inspiration is a wild cat

Zita Pavlištová and Michal Turek

18th - 25th of July 2016

Preparation of the body and mind for unrestrained improvisation. Summer movement, musical and voice creative workshop. One of the intensive artistic meetings in the countryside of Eagle mountains will be focused on harmony and jamming. We will refine the sensitivity of the body and all our senses. There will be daily trainings of dance and contact improvisation, musical and voice practice and art of synergy. We will develop physical skills and seek the state of open mind which infallibly leads our action, brings inspiration, allows to experience.

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Sexuality, Love and Relationship

Komala (Brazil) and Khushru (Austria)

22nd – 24th of July 2016

The sexual energy and the longing for love are the fuel that moves us into relationships. At the same time, lack of understanding and communication around sex, love and relationships prevents us from reaching real intimacy. Therefore this workshop is to understand and experience the divine dance of the masculine and feminine polarities: How sexual energy drives us to come together to create intimate relationships, the differences in which it manifests in men and women, and the possibility and challenges of learning about love and oneself that come with it.

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The Art of Falling

Adrian Russi (Switzerland)

24th – 28th of September 2016

Contact Improvisation is a constant interplay with gravity and every rising movement results eventually in the coming back down towards the floor – “The art of falling” will focus on this physical fact that seems to be simple but not always easy to practice. To integrate falling as a natural and safe part into the dance leads you towards effortless and resourcing movement qualities, where you can experience gravity rather as an energy supply than something to overcome. The floor and the space will turn into real partners – communication partners to get supported and nourished from and that enable you to dance in a 3-dimensional and juicy way.

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The Original Matrix and the Embodiment of Form

Roger Gilchrist (USA)

27th - 30th of October 2016

This postgraduate course of biodynamic craniosacral therapy we organize in collaboration with the Wellness Institute (New York) and after its graduation you receive a certificate. This seminar is 5th part of a three-year professional training in NeuroEnergetic therapy. This seminar examines the organizing forces in the biofield from the level of consciousness, to energy dynamics, to physical forms and conditions. We will also explore the relationships among emotions, energy, and healing. When we specifically understand the energy dynamics of embodiment, the relationships of consciousness, emotions, and physical experience becomes very practical. We will start to assemble all the components of our study of NeuroEnergetic Therapy into a broad-based holistic clinical practice, leading to even more effective results with our clients.

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The Spiritual Aspect of Healing Process

Mike Boxhall (Great Britain)

19th - 22nd of January 2017

A posgraduate course primarily intended for professional therapists (craniosacral therapists, ostheopaths, physiotherapists, psychotherapists) as a praxis that opens a gate to different dimensions of treatment. The teaching continues where the concept of therapy and the knowledge of reached its limits. We will employ the way of work on a table inherent to craniosacral biodynamic therapy enriched with other levels of perception and the feedback. The intention of this course is to research on the spiritual aspects of therapy that are natural part of our embodied being. More than a lesson, it is thus a form of a collective praxis. A praxis, that leads to expanded consciousness and restores the connection with one’s essential qualities.

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